All Expenses Paid

Expensive things. Expendible things. All amount to something that’s still nothing. Comes and leaves in a breeze still hard to see. Coffee or tea? He asks… well I prefer the finer things. Fine tea leaves just for me. Grow , harvest , steeped at 3.  I’m the morning … while I’m up writing at the … More All Expenses Paid

Ten Days

These days , In Union ; Embracing the Unknown… Of what we know already. Oneness. Oneness. We already Know. The flame gets hotter , and hotter. PATIENCE CHILD. We can’t run anymore. I’ve seen it catch flames. Cycles , Cat Mouse Games.  In Kin’s name. She’s gone flat , Maybe , Insane. I’ve seen her story . Right … More Ten Days

Different Differences

Upon , waking up. Enlightening, enhancing. Seeing how differences became skewed , of what is one. Somehow they’ve been trying to make us swallow hate in difference. Anu, is new. Truth falls through the veils of frequencies around us. Pump up the love as they try to force down FEAR. Regurgitated… We won’t allow it … More Different Differences

Enhan Take The Wheel

Changes Nothing but, Changes The seasons have been beautiful in my transitioning into new beginnings for life. Happiness. Peace. Love. Gratitude. Transformation. Fullness. Oneness. Beauty. Power. Feeling deeper what these things mean, and how to transmute through the pulse of intent. Diving deeper. Into the sounds. Rich music. Taste. Poise. Success. Growth. Infinity. Soul Whisper. … More Enhan Take The Wheel

Solo Enhan: Milestone

Greetings. Cheers to another stepping stone in the journey. This past Friday my husband Aiern Maik (Iron M.I.C) was incarcerated. Simultaneously my father had a stroke. On the physical plane of things it would be looked at as tragedies. I feel deeper meaning to these events. And learning the next step I have to take … More Solo Enhan: Milestone